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Asset Management

Accurate real-time views of your entire data center including servers, storage, networking equipment, rack PDUs, patch panels and applications.

See floor PDUs, branch circuit panels, UPSs and CRAC units. Map physical relationships between all of these devices and see how the entire power and network chain in the data center is connected down to the port level.


Capacity Management

With a centralized database that includes all connection and capacity information, you no longer need to run back and forth to the data center.

Sunbird's dcTrack DCIM Solution provides you with complete, accurate views of capacity, including physical space, power and network ports available in racks, plus the capacity of infrastructure devices like UPSs, CRACs, and circuit panels.

Change Management

Maintain best practices, improve operational efficiency, and people productivity.

Powerful and intelligent tools for workflow automation enable you to generate change requests, automate device moves, and maintain a complete audit trail of requests and work orders for compliance.


Energy Management

Understand what is drawing energy in your facility and find ways to save - while maintaining a safe environment for your IT equipment,

With built in ASHRAE cooling charts and Smart Rack views, Power IQ monitors and measures all the energy usage in your facility including building meters, UPSs, Floor PDUs, RPPs, busways, and intelligent rack PDUs. Increase data center temperature without risk, calculate Green Grid's PUE Level 1, 2, and 3, and drive your green data center and sustainability initiatives with bill-back reports.

Environment Management

Sunbird offers a complete environment management solution that not only helps you identify potential trouble areas like hot spots and overcooling. but also helps you save energy while maintaining an optimal data center environment.

Our DCIM monitoring solution combines the power of Raritan's or any third party intelligent rack PDUs and environment management appliances, providing up to the minute information from temperature, humidity, air flow, air pressure, smoke, water, and contact closure sensors. See trends, get alerts, save energy, and increase uptime.


Power Management

See how much power you're using at a moment's notice, down to individual servers, when coupled with intelligent rack PDUs with individual outlet metering.

Our enterprise class power monitoring software has been battle-tested in some of the largest data centers in the industry collecting 1 billion data points a day. An open and vendor agnostic solution that gathers data from building meters, UPS, busways, branch circuits, floor PDUs, RPPs, and rack PDUs, Sunbird DCIM Monitoring provides an intuitive configurable dashboard, locates stranded power, and improves data center uptime.


Save time and boost productivity with 3D that lets you see everything from a bird's-eye view of the data center floor to the devices in a specific cabinet.

Gain "x-ray" vision to see where and how devices are placed and connected inside your cabinets. Spot temperature and humidity trends over time across your entire data center with thermal and press time-lapse video.



Manage access to different areas of your data center and keep information in the right hands with real-time reporting, surveillance feeds, and granular role-based permissions to support tenant models.

Lock down individual areas in your data center with RFID electronic door access control. Audit logs and reports ensure compliance with SSAE-16, HIPAA, and other industry-standard regulations.

BI & Analytics

Engage with your data through interactive dashboards and reports to uncover insights and make better data center management decisions.

View summary panels for an overview of your information or drill-down to access the raw data behind your dashboards. Create and share out-of-the-box and custom reports for every data center scenario.



Whether you're interested in full circuits complete with patch cords or just the structured and power distribution cabling between end points, see exactly how items are connected on your data center floor with 3D visualization.

From end to end, document and understand every node in your data circuits to identify single points of failure and decrease troubleshooting time,


Improve Uptime

Constantly monitoring critical facilities infrastructure, DCIM software polls equipment, collects, trends, and reports on data, and monitors for threshold violations. With built in alerting, you can react before failures impact users and services.


Improve Capacity Planning & Utilization

Quickly model and allocate space for new servers, racks, IT and facilities equipment. Manage relationships between IT equipment and critical facilities infrastructure in a few clicks with power and network connectivity diagrams.


Increase Data Center Energy Efficiency

Automatically collect data from Building feeds, IT loads, and non-IT loads for immediate calculation and trending of PUE across all your data centers to ensure corporate energy efficiency initiatives.


Improve People Productivity

Reservations, moves, adds, and changes are easily accomplished through fully integrated and automated workflow management. Process assurance, tracking and audit trails dramatically increase employee productivity and morale.

Ad-hoc data center management tools may work for a specific point task but often these tools do not effectively work together to resolve common and often complex issues, such as figuring out where there is capacity to roll out new servers, finding stranded power capacity, or something as basic as having a clear understanding of what assets you have in a data center.

DCIM software provides data center operations managers with the ability to identify, locate, visualize, and manage all physical data center assets, quickly provision new equipment, and confidently plan capacity for future growth. DCIM tools can also help control energy costs, improve data center design, and increase operational efficiency.

Implementing a Data Center Infrastructure Management solution provides data center operations managers and their companies with significant operational and cost-saving benefits, today and into the future.


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  • Real-time power, energy, and environmental monitoring tools that oversee the health and performance of the data center

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